Access Map


access map

To Kitagami Hotel,

10 min. walk from JR Shin-Kobe Station. 3 min. walk from Sannomiya Station of JR, Hankyu, & Hanshin lines.


Access Time
From Sannomiya Stn.
on foot
4 mins.
by taxi
2 mins.
From Kansai Int'l Airports
Take Nankai "rapi:t" to Namba Stn., change to subway Midosuji Line to Umeda Stn., and take JR new rapid train to Sannomiya Stn.
80 mins.
Take Limo to Sannomiya Stn.
65 mins.
by taxi
65 mins.
approx. 21,500
From Osaka (Itami) Airport
Take Limo to Sannomiya Stn.
40 mins.
by taxi
40 mins.
approx. 10,000
From Shin-Kobe (Shinkansen) Stn.
Take subway to Sannomiya Stn.
5 mins.
by taxi
5 mins.


Car Access
Come out of Kyobashi I.C. of Hanshin Expressway, drive along FLOWER ROAD for Shin-Kobe Stn., and turn left at the second traffic light after passing Sannomiya Stn. (LAWSON is at the corner). The hotel is on your left.
Parking Info.
  Hours Fare(JPY)
Kotono Parking 15:00 - 10:00 of next day
<!!> Cars with over 160cm or very low height are not applicable


Tourist Spots Access Time (approx.) Fare (JPY)
Former residences of early foreign settlers in Kitano on foot
10 mins.
Harborland Take JR to Kobe Stn. and walk 5 mins. to the south.
15 mins.
The International Conference Center Take "Port Liner" to Shimin-Hiroba Stn. and walk 5 mins.
25 mins.
Universal Studios Japan Take JR to Osaka Stn. and change to JR Sakurajima Line to Universal City Stn.
40 mins.